Solid bumper for iPhone6Plus/ 6sPlus


Duralumin is a material which combines strength and lightweight.
The body of the case is accurately made from the material called A2017
also known as Duralumin , a Material which has light weight and strength.
It is also used for making aerospace and racing parts.
We are using a high quality A2017 duralumin made by Furukawa Denkou.

Where “Beauty” Meet “Utility”
For example,the reasoning behind the bulged four corners of our smartphone cases does not only lie in the design.
The design itself is optimized to the “necessary” thickness in order to absorb the impact when a The case in dropped.
The craft and experience cultivated in designing and producing auto racing parts is applied to our product creation.

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ジュラルミン無垢材から精密に削り出した軽量で高剛性のケースでiPhone6Plus/ 6sPlus本体を外部の衝撃から守ります。

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