Solid Bumper for iPhone6 Plus/6S Plus (EVANGELION Limited)


A collaboration model between Rebuild of Evangelion Official project the “RADIO EVA”

Evangelion Unit 01 Model
Solid Bumper for iPhone6/6s (EVANGELION Limited)
item number:GIEV-252PGB-41209
Material:Duralmin A2017S( Body )、Aluminum( bolts )
Weight: 19g

Evangelion Unit 02 Model
Solid Bumper for iPhone6/6s (EVANGELION Limited)
item number:GIEV-252GRT-41210
Material:Duralmin A2017S( Body )、——–( bolts )
Weight: 19g

Kaworu Nagisa Model
Solid Bumper for iPhone6/6s (EVANGELION Limited)
item number:GIEV-252BNPI-41211
Material:Duralmin A2017S( Body )、Aluminum( bolts )
Weight: 19g

・Please understand that we are not responsible for any breakage, or damage that may be caused by actions that were not suggested in the instruction.

・This product is made of Duralumin, which interrupts the signal from the back of the iPhone. It is possible that might lower the phone reception.

・This product is anodized. There are two dots that were not anodized on the inside of the case. These are the electrical connection places that will not catch the color during the anodizing process, and it is not a defect.

・This product is designed for iPhone6Plus/6sPlus.

・This product is not made to protect the iPhone6Plus/6sPlus completely from all kinds of damage. Please notice that we will not be responsible for any breakage, loss, damage, or data loss of the iPhone.

・By using silicone shock absorber sheets, our product is designed to prevent the iPhone and the aluminum case from touching each other, and it is not designed to protect the iPhone from all damage.

・Please be aware that our company will not be responsible for any damage on your iPhone when using the case such as scratches, cracks on the screen, and data lost.

・We might make changes on the case functions, appearance, or package contents without giving a notice.

・There are possibilities that chargers and earphones that are made by companies other than apple cannot be used. (The diameter of the earphone jack is 8.5mm)

・Any protection film under 0.2mm can be used. However, depending on the type of the film there will be possibilities that the film make a gap between it and the screen.

・This case is made of aluminum! Please be careful on the sharp edges when installing the case.

・There is a top and bottom in this product. Please be sure that the circular cut on the case will go to the earphone jack side.

・After putting the wrench firmly into the screw, please fasten it with the right amount of force to prevent the screw from breaking.

・Please note that as the characteristics of anodizing, it is difficult to produce the same color.
There are possibilities that color differs from the image due to the production lot

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